Saturday, February 4, 2023

You Can See Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano Exploding From Space

The Kilauea volcano in Hawaii has been spewing lava and ash for a couple of weeks now, with no plans of stopping anytime soon. The eruptions of the volcano have jumped up to 30,000 feet into the air, making officials hand out gas masks to the population, while also suggesting for residents and neighbors to leave the area until the volcano has settled down.

With such aggressive eruptions, it’s no surprise that the fumes and the ash can be seen from outer space. Well, maybe a little bit of a surprise.

Mashable reports that astronaut Andrew Feustel snapped a picture of the volcano’s activity even though he’s 250 miles away from Earth.

While the images of the volcano indicate that something scary is going on, volcanologists claim that the volcano hasn’t fully erupted yet. Experts say that the gas and plume on the image is caused by rocks falling inside the volcano, making contact with the lava that lies within. An eruption might occur once the lava drops beneath the island’s water table.

While the Kilauea volcano may not be a threat to the entire island of Hawaii, it could still be dangerous for houses and people in it’s vicinity.



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