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Joe Rogan Admits He May Have Developed A ‘Dependency’ On Marijuana

Joe Rogan, one of the most outspoken cannabis advocates, now admits he may have developed a “dependency” to marijuana. As we’ve previously written about, Rogan and his fellow comedian buddies decided to go sober for the entire month of October. Initially that only meant no alcohol, but went on to include marijuana.

And Rogan is feeling the effects.

“Pot, for me and my fucked-up brain, has a lot of really positive personality effects. But I think I might be downplaying my dependence on it,” the comedian said on a recent episode of his podcast. “I think I might’ve been thinking, ‘That’s nothing. I’ll quit pot, it’s nothing.’ I don’t know about that anymore.”

He describes himself “more tense, less kind, and I have to like catch myself before I get upset about things” when consuming marijuana. “I’m much more aware of gratitude and fortune, like I’m lucky and appreciative of my friends. I want to hug people more,” he would also add.

Rogan also spoke on how not smoking marijuana has affected his dreams. Since quitting cannabis for the month, he describes how he’s been having “predator dreams” that feature “cartoon wolves with giant feet” and “a lot of falling.”

“I don’t need pot it’s not an issue. I don’t need it obviously, I’ve gone through this whole month,” Rogan said. “But I’m stunned at the differences at how I’m dreaming. I never expected it to be so extreme, so vivid. Every night I’m having crazy dreams and they’re almost all primal.”

Rogan later posted the above article, which describes how THC can affect REM sleep, the type of sleep scientists believe is when humans dream. October is soon ending, and chances are Rogan will resume his marijuana-smoking habits. However, as he alluded to, there might be an adjustment period.

“I’m legitimately nervous about smoking pot again,” he said.


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