Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Gossip: Kendall Jenner Lost Millions Thanks To Pepsi; Bradley Cooper Turns Down $1 Million For First Baby Picture

After the disastrous Pepsi commercial staring Kendall Jenner, showing her handing a police office a Pepsi at what looked like a ‘Black Lives Matters’ demonstration, the young model has lost millions in future potential endorsement deals.

“Kendall was the face of the commercial and the backlash has been aimed at her and Pepsi. She will lose millions in potential earnings as other brands shy away from her until the controversy blows over,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “While Pepsi has issued a public apology, Kendall is not allowed to say anything, per her contract. So she looks like the insensitive fool.”

Insiders reveal Kris Jenner has banned Pepsi from the house and you will never see a Kardashian or Jenner drinking the soft drink in public ever again!

Bradley Cooper Turns Down $1 MILLION Offer For First Baby Picture

Sexy new dad, Bradley Cooper, has turned down millions for the first photographs of his cuddling with his new baby.

“Bradley has been approached by several photo agencies to do an exclusive photo shoot of him shirtless holding his new bundle of joy, but so far he has passed on every offer including one worth $1 million,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “He is super private about his family and would never sell pictures. He is happy that he kept the birth a secret for two weeks and hopes to keep that baby out of the public spotlight for as long as possible. He hasn’t even told friends the name or the sex of the baby yet.”

Remember, when Brad and Angie sold the images of their twins for $14 million!

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