Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Kirsten Dunst Accidentally Got High While Shooting Her New Movie ‘Woodshock’

Kirsten Dunst’s Woodshock looks like a pretty trippy movie but we would hesitate to refer to it as a “stoner” movie, since no one in that film looks relaxed, like they’re having any sort of fun or, you know, like they’re getting high for the usual reasons people get high in movies.

While the effects of marijuana in Woodshock look vastly different than the effects of marijuana in a Seth Rogen movie, the pot is still there, being smoked right in front of your eyes. These movies make everyone think of a really important question: What are actors really smoking on movie sets?

Luckily, Kirsten Dunst made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and explained that actors smoke “movie weed”, which is basically a mixture of tobacco and some “herbs” that are not weed. Don’t ask. Dunst also took a moment to tell the story of how she ended up getting accidentally super stoned on set because someone thought it’d be fun to sneak in a real joint in the midst of all the fake movie joints.

Her tale of accidental highness includes smoking an entire joint by herself, crying, laughing, eating peanut butter sandwiches, and finally going home because she was super overwhelmed and thought she was going to end up in a mental institution. Like we said, this is not the type of weed Seth Rogen smokes in his movies.

Woodshock is directed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy, two sisters that are known for their costume designs and for Rodarte, their brand of clothing and accessories. The film was released on September 22nd.


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