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Gossip: Justin Bieber Hates Fat, Unattractive People; Brad Pitt’s Hygiene Improves Post-Angie

Justin Bieber has been caught on tape in Australia so grossed out by a female fan getting too close that he told her: “Look at your respect level. Look at you. You make me sick.”

“Justin does not like fat, unattractive people and doesn’t want them touching him,” a source tells Straight Shuter. “Justin tries to keep as far away from his fans as possible. That is why he cancelled all the meet-and-greets backstage. He dates models, not regular-looking people. He keeps himself in great shape and doesn’t understand why other people don’t go to the gym too.”

The girl’s mother told Melbourne’s Herald Sun, “My daughter was bawling her eyes out…she was dying to meet him and then he humiliated her.”

Brad Pitt’s Hygiene Improves Post-Angie

Brad Pitt is not only in a much better mental place after his divorce proceedings started with Angelina Jolie, he’s in a better physical place too. PHEW!

“Brad is happy again and seems much better now. He has started working out again and has hired a private chef to prepare healthy meals. And he is taking much better care of himself,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “When he was married he was known to sometimes smell a bit. And I swear he would forget to wear deodorant and brush his teeth. Post-Angie he smells like heaven again. It is like literally saying goodbye to a bad smell.”

Ironically, he isn’t the only one with a new smell. Jolie just launched a new fragrance campaign for French beauty brand, Guerlain.

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