Monday, December 5, 2022

Papa John’s Misty Is The Very Real Indie Musician You Will Soon Love

Though Father John Misty crafts aching, delirious records, he also has a habit of breaking the internet. Kim Kardashian is probably jealous of Josh Tillman’s ability to make every interview he does into a bona fide event.

He is able to penetrate our media-addled bubbles and point toward the bullshit underneath it all. Like the time when, in a New York Times profile, he said, “I love the exhilaration of feeling a pull quote come out of your mouth. The words just taste better.”

This, as you surely realize, is something no normal human being should say. But the key here is that Father John Misty is no normal human being.

So it would stand to reason when you hear a new indie rocker by the name Papa John’s Misty, you assume this is another of Tillman’s many media antics. Sadly, perhaps, he is not the man responsible for this Father John Misty-related gag. Instead that would belong to the popular podcast Comedy Bang Bang, with specific regards to Jon Daly.

Comedy Bang Bang announced Papa John’s Misty would have a yearlong residency at the podcast and would help “distill the current landscape of corporate pizza,” according to Stereogum.

He appears in the podcast about 20 minutes in and sings such spot-on lyrics like “I kiss the clitoris of the American witch” and “Why do I do this? Why do I sing songs about pizza to the plebes?” Now only if we could get Father John Misty himself to actually sing these songs, then all would be perfect.

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