Thursday, June 8, 2023

Prince Harry Is Teaching Meghan Markle How To Drive Like A Brit

There’s been quite a sight to see on the grounds of Kensington Palace as of late. Prince Harry is teaching his American fiancé how to drive like a British person. That means driving on the left hands side of the road. He’s also giving her pointers on how to drive a stick shift.

After years of using an automatic, Markle is trying to obtain a British license. As The Daily Mail reports, visitors of the UK from outside the EU are eligible to drive a small vehicle for up to a year from the time they first become resident. They just need to have a valid license from their home country, which Markle has.

If Markle wants to continue driving as a Royal in the UK, she’ll need to get a British provisional driving license and pass a theory and practical driving test. Sounds fun!

The Daily Mail says Markle  will also be taught “evasive driving techniques” as part of a general program of security training. And that it’s important for her to to be able to drive a manual should she need to in an emergency.

An insider tells the publication that Markle has been practicing inside the grounds of the royal palace, where she lives with Harry, and is reportedly excited to drive herself around like a commoner, because of course she is.



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