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Prince William Shared His Biggest Fear About Lockdown And Every Parent Can Relate

During a call with healthcare providers, Prince William talked about the quarantine side-effect that’s making him most anxious as father of three small children.

As we all hunker down and try to get through this mandated quarantine, let’s take a moment to remember nobody is above this lockdown. The royals are also trying to keep it together while stuck indoors with their loved ones.

Recently, while on a video call with caregivers in Northern Ireland, Prince William talked about his fears regarding the longterm effects this pandemic is going to have on our children.

During his chat with members of the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust organization, William revealed:

I’m particularly worried as to how the young people are going to cope longterm because we’re all muddling through this period at the moment and helping each other. But the longterm implications — of school being missed, anxiety levels, family members sadly dying and the sort of general economic outlook.

According to People, psychiatrist Frances Doherty, who runs an inpatient mental health unit for teenagers, replied: “Interestingly in our service in the short-term, some of our referral rates have gone down, but I would imagine that as we’re starting to come out of lockdown and people are starting to get back into the world again, [we’re] starting to realize just what we’ve been through and we’ll start to see our referral rate increase and the impact on our services.”

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Child psychiatrist Dr. Clare McKenna said that the children she works with “don’t understand social distancing,” to which William, a father of three kids, insightfully replied, “That’s all children, isn’t it? I don’t think any children understand social distancing!”

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“I know it’s unprecedented and it’s scary and it’s daunting, but you’re all making a huge difference,” William told the caregivers, “so please pass on to all your team how grateful everyone is and how appreciative everyone is at what they’re doing at the moment.”


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