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4 Bits Of Advice For Couples Who Need Help Right Now

Couples are facing new challenges during quarantine, which is resulting in extra stress nobody needs right now. Here are some tips on how to keep your bond strong.

Whether you’ve been reading stats online or accidentally listening in on more arguments coming from your neighbors, quarantine hasn’t made it easy for cohabitation. Couples are going through a rough time, getting on each other’s nerves and losing their patience.  Adding to it all are the different ways in which we cope with the pandemic and the challenges that occur due to economic and health uncertainty.

A lot of couples have been forced to face new challenges, whether that’s living together in closed spaces, moving in after having been dating for only a couple of months or navigating an unexpected long distance relationship. If you’re feeling stressed out or your significant other is getting on your nerves more than usual, you’re not alone. Experts and therapists say this is expected and that relationships that manage to overcome this time period will come out stronger than before.

Here are 4 tips couples living in different kinds of situations can try to implement in their daily lives and try to work things out:

Start scheduling
Photo by Elly Fairytale via Pexels

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Whether this includes talking every day, checking in on each other, sex or video chats, schedule ahead of time and make your relationship a priority. Although it’s understandable if you’re feeling down due to everything that’s going on right now, the virus isn’t leaving us anytime soon. At some point we’re going to have to try to get our lives back in order.

Get creative with date ideas

You’re going to have to get creative with dating right now by trying to incorporate fun and intimacy in different ways. If you live together, make the time to cook a nice meal, have some wine and light some candles. Take this opportunity to talk about what’s going on, preferably avoiding any virus talk (not sexy). You can also plan to watch a movie together whether you’re in the same house or not. While Hollywood is not working, there are plenty of new movies being released on a weekly basis online.

Express your feelings clearly

Photo by Polina Zimmerman via Pexels

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If you’re having a hard time communicating with your partner, it’s very important to be clear about your feelings, whether you’re angry, sad, upset or whatever. Use simple words that can encapsulate your feelings and help you both get to a place where there’s understanding.

Make time for yourself

Staying in touch with your feelings is necessary when you’re living with someone or flying solo. Just like you prioritize your relationship and make the time to call the important people in your life, you should touch base with yourself regularly to see how YOU are doing. If you’re living with others, it’s especially important to find a space for ‘me time,’ asking people to give you some room if you need it. Listen to music, go on walks, read a book, etc. Solitary activities are important in order to stay healthy and present with others.



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