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SZA Shares ‘Weed Brownie Conspiracy’ Story And It Doesn’t Disappoint

As one of the newly-minted stars in the music industry, there aren’t many talents with more burgeoning careers than SZA. The R&B/pop singer broke out with her debut studio album CTRL in 2017, and the record was rated near the top of many year-end lists. Though SZA lost out on her five Grammy nominations, her career appears destined for success.

But it wasn’t always that way for the singer. SZA decided to share stories about her retail working days on Twitter, which included True Religion, Lucky Brand Jeans, Sephora, H&M, and Abercrombie. She also had a stint at her hometown pizza shop, and “anywhere else that would allow me to walk in late and moody.”

But it was when SZA revealed she worked at Diesel when things got interesting. Why? Because, says SZA, “they fired me over a weed brownie conspiracy.” Immediately fans flooded her mentions, begging for the full story. And let us tell you—it doesn’t disappoint.

A co-worker had brought in a container of freshly-baked brownies. Everyone starts crowding around, looking for a treat to get through the work day. The woman who brought them, according to SZA, “DONT SAY NUFFIN BOUT NO DRUGS.”  From there…well it’s probably better if I let SZA tell the rest of the story.

The singer probably wouldn’t complain how her life’s turned out, though. Earlier this month, SZA took to Instagram to thank her fans as she crossed two billion streams on her records.

“Today I found out we 2.3 billion streams deep and a bunch a other cool stuff,” SZA wrote on Instagram. “I love my family. I love you all for pressing play at any time. Thank you for this journey.”


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