Tuesday, March 31, 2020
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These Are The People You Should Unfollow On Social Media ASAP

It’s a challenge these days to be sane while engaging in social media. Many people you’re friends with on Facebook or follow on Instagram probably need to spend less time online and more time in a therapist’s office.

A new study finds that those who spend lots of time social networking tend to have lower emotional intelligence.

“People who are uncomfortable with their own and others’ emotions may be more comfortable online,” researcher Sara Konrath, a professor at Indiana University, tells Moneyish. “We think that they may prefer text-based interactions that allow them more time to process social and emotional information.”

Those who spend the most time on social media? Narcissistic, according to several studies, which conclude that places like Facebook provide the perfect platform for self-centeredness; constant and immediate gratification feeds into ego, creating a monster.

Relationship coach Rachel DeAlto pinpointed for Moneyish the types of people you should avoid all together on social media and it’s basically everyone who has access to a phone. Okay, not really, but we all likely know at least one of these people. Here’s how to spot them.

“If every picture is a duck face or selfie, buyer beware,” she said, as “self-absorption is evident.”

She says to also watch out for “victim mentality”. You know, the friend who is always upset or angry about something. It’s another prevalent issue on social media. “What are they sharing? Is it constant complaints and negativity? If they’re consistently looking to social for validation, it’s a sign they may need a therapist,” she said.

And finally, she says to beware of hostile engagement, explaining that  emotionally-intelligent people don’t harass or create conflict behind screens, “If they are initiating or engaging in constant arguments online, watch out.”

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