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5 States That Aim To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In 2018

The cannabis industry is thriving, with growth that translates into more tax revenue for legal states and more money going to small (and large) businesses. States that have legalized marijuana inhaled the breath of fresh cash, exhaled the dreaded cannabis stigma and now, naturally, more states want to get on board. Packed with ready and willing entrepreneurs, these five states are the next hopefuls.


In November 2016, a bill to legalize failed to pass by a mere two percent. Now, Arizona stands as the state that makes the most sense to go the path of legalization. Like Oregon and California before it, Arizona activists hope that this second push is the one that gets voted in. Out of the five marijuana initiatives on Arizona’s ballot (including one for hemp), the one for legalization is among the most progressive in the country, even including a stipulation that cities and counties that preferred to be “dry” wouldn’t get their way.


With Florida, it took two tries to get medical through, but that’s because passing an amendment means changing the Florida constitution, so 60 percent of the vote is required to pass. In 2018, Florida has four ballot initiatives regarding cannabis. The Florida Cannabis Act is the kicker though, and would allow adults 21 and over to possess up to an ounce on person and grow up to six plants per household.


Pot activists have been waiting for Michigan to go legal for years now. There have been guesses that they’ll be next for quite some time, but in 2016 they failed to get the number of signatures required to get on the ballot. Not so in 2018. There’s a very good shot that they’re going to make it this time. The Michigan Marijuana Legalization Initiative would allow adults 21 and over to carry up to 2.5 ounces on them and grow up to 12 plants for personal use. The 10 percent excise tax that would come with it, along with the six percent sales tax, would go to schools.


Missouri is a bit of a different challenge, as it’s one of the US states to not even have a medical marijuana program. So, what they’re trying to do, legalize both medical and recreational at the same time, might be setting them up to do neither. There are a few medical initiatives, but half of the initiatives are comprised of hemp and recreational uses. However, The Missouri Marijuana Legalization Initiative has great social potential, as it includes the release of all non-violent cannabis prisoners upon effect.


This state is also batting around the dual initiative idea. They have both medicinal and recreational measures floating around currently. Aside from that minor challenge, Nebraska was also one of the states to sue Colorado to prevent cannabis trafficking to neighboring states. Though the chances aren’t spectacular, the Nebraska Right To Cannabis Initiative would make growth, production and sales of cannabis legal for private citizens. Under 21? If the ballot passes, your doctor and your parents are on board, Nebraskans of all ages will be allowed to benefit from the plant.



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