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Why Do We ‘Like’ Instagram Posts Of Hot And Famous People?

Social media gives us the chance to show off to friends, family and strangers, bringing us closer to them despite the distance. Instagram, specifically, has created booming new career paths for users, inspiring hundreds of Gen-Z and millennials to become bloggers, lifestyle coaches, fitness gurus, and more — all with the intent of delivering the most pleasing looking profiles. Instagram has had a big effect on celebrity culture, bringing us closer to them and showing us a glimpse of their lives.

The app’s emphasis on a curated and filtered out lifestyle has made it the best place for us to spend hours thirsting (and stressing) over celebrity looks and lifestyles. Just take a peek through the comments of any notorious Instagram personality to see how many people lavish them with heart-eyed emojis, praise and marriage proposals.

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Although there’s nothing wrong with spreading positivity and complimenting people, a ‘like’ or a comment amongst thousands isn’t going to get you noticed, so it’s interesting to see why we still do this.

The Huffington Post spoke to social psychologist Frank T. McAndrew, who explained that there is some biological explanation for this kind of behavior. “Because these are people that we know in common with others, they become topics of conversation. These people worm their way into our social world.” In our hearts, the act of looking at your celebrity crush’s posts, liking them and leaving comments, does bring us a little closer together, even if we know in our brains that this isn’t the case.

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Is it creepy to ‘like’ and comment on every photo your celebrity crush posts? Maybe, but it’s also common and a side effect of today’s culture. There’s nothing wrong with if it makes you happy and possibly a little horny. Still, the most important thing to do when it comes to Instagram is to take care of your health. If seeing someone’s perfect photos and lifestyle makes you feel inadequate, then it’s not worth it.


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