Saturday, June 15, 2024

Why The ‘Trailer Park Boys’ Bemoan Canada’s Cannabis Legalization

Each season of Trailer Park Boys, the goals of the characters are the same: Get rich, as quick as possible. Usually this involves a secret and illegal scheme to grow marijuana or bootleg alcohol, and almost always ends in failure. Their plans, for however hairbrained or absurd they become, are thwarted by a litany of characters, chief among them Jim Lahey.

The Canadian actors who play Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles are currently touring in Europe, performing in character at various theaters. To promote the show, they sat down with the UK’s Metro tabloid to share their thoughts on Canada’s upcoming legalization of cannabis on Oct. 17.

While discussing their love of Amsterdam, the boys said that “Canada is going to be just like that in October, so we’re pretty pumped.” Ricky, whose character claims to be a master dope grower, chimed in, “It’s going to put me out of a job, which will kind of suck.”

When asked by the paper about picking up some odd jobs or small work to subsidize his loss of income, Ricky replied, “I don’t work, so we’re going to have to think of something. I don’t want to get a job.”

In reality, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Thanks to the popularity of their show, the boys make plenty of money. They also stand to benefit significantly when cannabis goes legal in Canada thanks to their new weed line Trailer Park Buds, which was announced in a partnership with Organigram earlier this year.

Though there hasn’t been any update about the brand’s availability come Oct. 17, we trust that there will be plenty of demand for the product whenever it does become available to the Canadian masses.


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