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5 Videos Of Cute Animals To Get You Through This Week: July 15

Instagram is home to all sorts of accounts (good and bad) that cater to a vast range of people with different interests. In order to help you weed out all the garbage, this column highlights the best Instagram marijuana accounts, whether that means they’re entertaining, informative, or just fun to look at.

This week’s column is all about cats and dogs. There’s a cat confused by its own reflection, a cat who’s snuggled in a sink, a dog whose owners think he’s the Lion King, a dog inside a box, and a dog being scratched by four different scratchers. Check them out!

A cat and a mirror

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Videos of animals freaking out over their own reflections never get old, with this one in particular having a special charm over how dramatic the cat is.

A cat inside a sink

Cats love boxes, sinks and small spaces that keep them snuggled. This cat is giving himself a bath but looks spooked over the prospect of being splashed with real water.

The Lion King

“The Circle of Life” is one of the most iconic songs of all time. Featured in The Lion King’s amazing opening, it’s also the moment where baby Simba is introduced to the world, just like the dog in the video. Kind of. At least he stays very still.

A puppy in a box

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Learning how to awooo! 😍😂 🔊 @thatgoldenwaffle

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Puppies don’t know how to bark, resulting in them making those adorable quasi-howling sounds. The little guy in this video has an Instagram account called @thatgoldenwaffle that features tons of adorableness.

A frenchie and four scratchers

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Sometimes u just gotta splurge on a 4-hand massage😌

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This Frenchie looks more confused than pleased over being massaged in four different directions, looking at each of the scratchers and wondering what the hell they’re doing.

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