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Meme Of The Week: ‘Baby Yoda’ Becomes The Internet’s Favorite Source Of Cuteness

The new Disney Plus series, ‘The Mandalorian’,  has already given us a character for the ages.

Despite the fact that Baby Yoda gifs were taken down from the internet for about a day due today’s wild media landscape, there has been no way of controlling the internet’s affection for the small green creature.

Baby Yoda first began to swirl around the internet on November 12, when “The Mandalorian” first aired on Disney Plus. After the much awaited release of the new series, the little guy went viral. Although we all call it Baby Yoda, the character is really called The Child, and it’s not the Yoda of the original films; it’s just a baby that’s the same species as Yoda.

Still, no one cares about technicalities and Baby Yoda is a much more catchier name than The Child.

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Here are some of the best Baby Yoda memes we found online. You’re welcome for all the sweetness:

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