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Meme Of The Week: ‘Ok Boomer’ Is The Internet’s New Way Of Dragging Older People

‘Ok Boomer’ has become this week’s most popular phrase and meme.

Older generations often mention how much better everything was back in their time, when people weren’t distracted by phones and political correctness. While not all baby boomers act this way, we’ve all encountered our fair share of whiny older adults. There’s nothing wrong with them, they just make a great source for jokes and memes.

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The origin of this meme comes from a TikTok video, where a man passionately disses younger generations, claiming that the ideals they’re searching for aren’t sustainable and they need to grow up. Your typical old guy spiel. A parallel video simply shows someone carefully writing the phrase “Ok Boomer” on a piece of paper and throwing out the peace sign, because that’s what you do when there’s nothing else to say.

Now, the phrase can mean anything, encompassing older people’s approach to political correctness, their disregard for environmental concerns, the fact that they can’t use an iPad, or gen z and millennials’ current economic struggles. It’s also a good way of shutting down an argument that you know you’re not gonna win. “Ok Boomer.” End of discussion.

Check out some of the funniest versions of the boomer meme on social media:

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