Friday, December 8, 2023

5 Wellness Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

The wellness trend is at an all time high, making these presents highly desirable and accessible.

As we enter the holiday season and rejoice over the prospect of winter vacations and traveling, we also start to calculate how much money we’ll be spending. With flight tickets, hotels, presents and social outings, the holidays are a festive time, but they’re also super pricey.

With the current wellness and health trend harassing us from all directions, what’s a better gift than something that’s healthy and that will push someone to lead a cleaner life? These presents are varied in styles and in prices. There’s truly something for everyone out there.

A nice water bottle

Water bottles are important, and there’s hundreds of them out there, ranging in style, price and effects. There’s a water bottle that lights itself up in order to remind you to have a drink, a water bottle that’s become a sort of style icon, and ones with filters on them. Think about your price range and the function that works best for the person you are giving the gift to.

Face masks

Face masks are a good option for stocking fillers or as a part of a larger wellness-themed present. These have an unlimited amount of variety and price ranges, from masks that claim to heal your face in days to others that just have a pug face on them. They’re all great.

A tea set

If the person you are giving a gift to loves tea and cute cups, you can give them a tea set and supplement it with some different flavors of tea. There’s plenty of variety in Amazon, with all sets having distinct looks, materials and prices.

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5 Wellness Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank
Photo by Brooke Lark via Unsplash

A yoga mat

Although slightly passive aggressive if the person you’re giving a gift to isn’t a yogi, yoga mats are extremely useful. You always want to have one of your own, especially if you like to go to the gym or to the occasional yoga class. If the workout fails, it never hurts to have a mat around the house.

A meal kit subscription

Meal kit subscriptions are on the rise right now, with there being plenty of options in terms of the kind of food you’re looking for and your budget. Most of these sites also provide the opportunity of gifting a meal kit, meaning that you’ll only have to pay once and the receiver will figure out if they want to stick to the plan of if they’d just rather enjoy a week of meals and be done with it.


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