Monday, March 30, 2020
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Meme Of The Week: Ellen DeGeneres Goes Dark On This Week’s Most Popular Meme

Daytime shows pride themselves on giving people free stuff and no one does this better than Ellen DeGeneres. The lovable talk show host doles out presents to audience members that are as simple as books and as luxurious as a million dollars (split between everyone, of course).

This week’s meme has no clear origin, but it pokes fun at the fact that when you go to an “Ellen” taping, you’ll likely meet your hero, leave with an unexpected present, or be scared to death by a someone wearing a clown costume. The first version of the meme, developed by Twitter user @cavedevice, set the dark tone of the joke.

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Other Twitter users expanded on the joke, adding their own twists and personal takes, but keeping the dark and depressing humor of the original format. It’s 2019 and the overall feeling of this meme is that no one has time to be cute and hopeful right now. Check out some of the standout tweets:

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