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Meme Of The Week: Mom Dancing With Her Sons To One Direction Is The Latest Viral Hit

There’s no way this week’s meme wouldn’t have gone viral. In it, a mother and her two sons are seen dancing to One Direction’s “Act My Way” in perfect coordination. The song, known as the “pirate song” for those who aren’t One Direction fans, was added on an old Vine, and has recently reemerged as a viral meme. Why? Nobody really knows.

Buzzfeed News reports that the original clip featured the song “Drop” by Freco and Merlo and was recently Tweeted out in 2017 as an homage to One Direction.  Aspect Za’Vier, one of the boys from the clip, now has over half a million followers on Instagram, crediting his internet fame to the initial Vine. “I think it’s super cool because it’s something I just did for fun and everyone’s using it as a meme, and that’s crazy to me because it was years ago,” he explains to Buzzfeed.

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Users are now using the clip for extremely different, yet somehow fitting, scenarios. The witches from Macbeth make an appearance, as do dinosaurs, zodiac signs and characters from this year’s Oscar nominated films. In short, if you try hard enough, anyone can embody the spirit of this dancing trio. Check out some of our favorites:

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