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Meme Of The Week: This Gigantic Australian Cow Is All We’ll Ever Talk About

Seven-year-old Knickers has been the source of a lot of online conversations this week. In the span of just a few days, the big cow has sparked an almost inescapable meme that permeates our news feed.

Knickers is over 7 feet tall and weighs over 3,000 pounds. He or she (there’s some debate as to Knickers’ gender) is literally a giant among lesser cows.

After a news outlet released images of Knickers, people from all over the web began to retweet it and show it off to their friends. Knickers was called a good cow, a tall boy, and more, because the internet never knows when to stop.

The Washington Post wrote an article correcting people and letting them know that Knickers is, in fact, a steer (a neutered male) and thus, naturally larger than the average cow. The writer explains that the images of Knickers surrounded by cows capitalize the difference in sizes because the surrounding cows are calves, smaller than the average cow. This also made people angry.

No matter the argument or context, we can all agree that Knickers is a big animal and that the photos of him surrounded by smaller bovines are adorable.

Knickers is a perfect stand-in for all of us in different situations, like when you’re going to a party where everyone is outrageously cool, or when you’re still shopping in Forever 21 despite the fact that you’re well into your thirties. Knickers is all of us, and that’s what makes the best memes work. Check out some of our favorite tweets:


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