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Top 8 Weird Tech Jobs Of The Not-Too-Distant Future

While the development of AI will certainly take it’s fare share of jobs, humans will always look for ways to find meaning in their lives, be that by doing pointless work or by following their passions.

The development of technology means that change is coming for all of us, sometimes, in ways that aren’t pleasant or easy. Experts and futurists warn that technology demands the ability to adapt, much like getting to know a new software or switching from PC to Mac. It’s a pain, but it’s doable (unless you’re eighty). Cognizant has identified some jobs that humans will have in the future and we’ve selected 8 of our favorites. Check them out: 

Data Detective

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Sadly, the job isn’t as cool as it sounds. You won’t get to wear a cool hat or carry a badge, you’ll just investigate organizational data across a company. Fall asleep yet?

AI Business Development Manager

This means selling AI products to customers, working with marketing, sales and partner teams to develop AI sales and business development activities.

Master of Edge Computing

While this job title makes it sound like you’re a badass, it’s mostly working on the backend of a company and evaluating its technical requirements. At least you get to introduce yourself as “(Enter your name), Master of Edge Computing.”

Fitness Commitment Counselor

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You thought you could escape your crazy fitness friend in the future? Nope. Fitness counselors will work remotely, providing advice, coaching and counseling sessions for their clients. We hate them already.

Cyber City Analyst

We don’t even know where to start here, but this job description says something like ensuring the safety, security, and functionality of a city by guaranteeing a steady flow of data. Don’t ask.

Man-Machine Teaming Manager

This manager would be in charge of helping and combining the strengths of each to meet their business goals.

Digital Tailor

These people will go customer’s homes to perfect the fit of their e-shopping. Yay.

Personal Memory Curator

This seems taken out of a “Black Mirror” episode – San Junipero to be precise – where a curator would create virtual environments for elderly customers to inhabit, helping them combat memory loss and improving their quality of life.


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