Friday, January 17, 2020
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Watch This Grandma Smoke Marijuana For The First Time With Her Grandson

We’ve seen Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters smoke together. We’ve watched a rabbi, priest, and atheist light up and get deep. Somehow those stakes seem weak when compared to this very personal setup. Because a grandson and his grandmother agreed to smoke marijuana on camera for the first time. It turns out really, really cute.

As cannabis legalization and acceptance spreads across the country, occurrences like the one Andrew and his grandmother Helen have could become more commonplace. Why fight the movement when it came be so much fun?

Andrew and Helen don’t stick to one smoking instrument either, lighting up both a blunt and bong. Though it’s supposedly his grandmother’s first time smoking, she seems much more of an expert than him, who seems stoned by video’s end. Meanwhile, Helen looks like she can hit another joint and be fine.

Their conversation is adorable as well, with grandma and grandson sharing some secrets, like his grandma admitting her and a neighbor’s wife used to watch pornography together and when she goes she’s going to watch “a dirty movie.”

This is 2017. Nothing seems that abnormal anymore. So why not light up with your grandma?


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