Tuesday, March 28, 2023

16 Hilarious And Relatable Celebrity Encounters

Popular culture has become overrun by celebrity culture. Being seen is more valued than being cool or interesting or even attractive in most cases. Meeting a celebrity isn’t about coming face to face with a personal hero, but instead a networking opportunity to climb the social ladder via selfies. (Donald Glover’s Atlanta crafted the recent episode “Champagne Papi” around this phenomenon, where partygoers paid a fee to take pictures with cardboard cutouts of Drake.)

My repulsion to this shift in our culture probably explains why I love a new social media trend. The past weekend podcaster John Moe asked his Twitter followers for their “most boring, mundane, inconsequential celebrity encounter.” Nothing grand, no epiphany was had. No pictures were taken and there’s no proof really that you even met the celebrity.

Too often we only see celebrities as symbols of something greater than they are. But here we’re given a chance to see them as messy, silly humans. Here’s some of our favorites from the responses.





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