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The Most Popular Netflix Rentals Every Year Since 1998

Netflix is the most popular streaming service these days, but back when the service first launched, it was basically just a DVD dealer. And while it’s less popular today, getting your disks mailed to you is still an option Netflix provides.

Over the past 20 years, movies have come and gone and changed a heck of a lot, but which are the most popular among DVD subscribers?

The movies that made the list, which are sorted by release date, range from cult classics to box office smashes and Oscar winners.

Here are some of the most rented titles. For the complete list, head to Netflix.

1998: The Big Lebowski

1999: Office Space

2000: Gladiator

2001: Memento

2002: The Bourne Identity

2003: Mystic River

2004: The Notebook

2005: Crash

2006: The Departed

2007: The Bucket List

2008: The Hurt Locker

2009: The Blindside

2010: Inception

Click here for the remaining eight movies.

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