Why Organic Cannabis Is The Right Choice For You

It tastes better and it's also healthier for you to consume.

Why Organic Cannabis Is The Right Choice For You
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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Don’t panic, it’s organic!” But why would we panic if not organic and what makes organic such a catchy concept? When it comes to cannabis, these questions are easily answered by taking a look at what exactly it means to be organic and why it really does make a difference.

Let’s start with another catchphrase: “You are what you eat!” Though not to be taken literally, what we put inside our bodies, no matter how we ingest, makes a big difference to our health. Having toxins or chemicals looming in your cannabis means your lungs and organs are going to suffer because of it. You may ask yourself why you don’t feel like you’re full of toxins, but try switching to organic for a week and see if you notice any difference.

When you do smoke some organic, you’re likely to notice a few things about the cannabis. It tastes better, it smells better and it burns more evenly. Marijuana that hasn’t been properly flushed of pesticides or chemicals does more than leave a char while smoking, however. The leftover toxins go straight to your bloodstream, which then has to be flushed itself over time.

There’s also the fact that organic is better for the planet at all stages of cannabis growth. Mother Earth is also comprised of what we put in her, and with all the Monsantos and all the toxic waste producers, doesn’t it make sense that taking the extra care to either grow organically or purchase organically is worth it? Every little bit helps.

Think about it, we now live in a culture where organic is a buzzword that’s connotated with goodness, for the most part. Those who haven’t been converted probably at least wonder if they’re missing out on something. Groceries are often priced higher if organic, which can be a deterrent, but we’re talking about our livelihoods here. Many people pay the premium because it’s worth it to them and their families.

Cannabis is a miracle of a plant and almost every sesh is a good sesh. A lot of the time we’re just smoking what we have access to if dispensaries aren’t nearby or aren’t sanctioned in the states we live in. It may seem innocent enough, but if you have any sort of option, including learning to grow your own, take it. Your pallet and your health will thank you.

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