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4 Essential Tips Before Starting A Juice Cleanse This Spring

With summer and swimsuit season quickly approaching, you may have specific diet or weight loss goals over the next few months. One common way to achieve your goals more quickly might be to try a juice cleanse for a few days.

A juice cleanse involves — you guessed it — only consuming juices made of fruits and vegetables. Most people choose to do a juice cleanse for about three days. That may not seem like a long time, but sustaining on only nutrient-dense liquids is an easy way to lose (mainly water) weight quickly.

Still, it’s important to be prepared before starting a cleanse, as they aren’t for everyone. Here are a few healthy tips if you plan to start a juice cleanse this spring.

Be prepared!

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A juice cleanse isn’t just something you should decide to do like, this very second. Instead, you’ll need to prepare a bit before you get started. Make a shopping list of ingredients you’ll need to make your juices, or make sure you have all the premade juices you are going to drink on-hand. This will help you avoid searching for or going to the store for a juice when you are feeling weak and haven’t eaten in a while.

Let your family and friends know about your cleanse

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A juice cleanse is a solo activity, you’re probably thinking. But in reality, your friends and family are going to have to put up with any mood changes or hanger you experience while on your cleanse. Plus, they want to support you, right? Best to give them a heads up about your plans.

Know what to expect

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Now, what are you getting into exactly when you start a cleanse? For one, you won’t be eating for days in a row. That can be a challenge, to say the least. Some people actually feel really energetic and are able to get through work, the gym, and their daily routine without incident.

If you are prone to being hangry or feel fatigued or weak after not eating, you may want to do your cleanse over a long weekend. (Your co-workers will thank you.) If you want to make a relaxing weekend out of it, try to plan low-key activities like meditating, getting a massage, or journaling. No need to run a marathon while cleansing!

Get ready to reap the benefits

As for the benefits of a juice cleanse (after all, why else would you do this) expect to lose weight, have bounds of energy, and feel completely detoxed. Your skin may look glowy and less inflamed. Internally, your stomach and liver and detoxing and you may feel lighter afterward. As long as you cleanse in a healthy way, there are a lot of benefits that outweigh the fact that you won’t be eating French fries or ice cream for a few days.


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