Saturday, October 1, 2022

4 Of The Craziest McDonald’s Secret Menu Hacks

For as old as McDonald’s is, it can still surprise you. The fast food chain that’s existed since the beginning of time — the 1950s — has dozens of secret combinations just waiting for someone  to order. McDonald’s secret menu is not an official “menu”, it’s more like an unspoken knowledge that’s been passed down by loyal customers for some time now. It also has a sort of cult following; there’s an Instagram account dedicated to it and dozens of video reactions of people trying out the meals.

While there are some items on McDonald’s secret menu that will leave you feeling puzzled, there are others that sound incredibly delicious and creative. The Daily Mail compiled a list of all the hacks they could gather. Here are four of our favorites:

Double Cheeseburger McChicken

Even though the meal sounds and looks like it could give you diabetes, deep down you know you want to order one. The Double Cheeseburger McChicken is exactly what it sound like: two burgers stacked in one large (and hard to eat) pile. You might vomit afterwards, but you can say that you got a life experience that most people haven’t.

Apple Pie Sundae

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Fans of McDonald’s ice cream can rejoice since they can add some Apple Pie into their McFlurries for an extra sweet kick. The person that’s serving you might hate you, but you won’t be craving sweets for a really long time.

Well Done Fries

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If you want to be a psycho and mess with McDonald’s fry winning formula, you absolutely can. Order them well done and they’ll be cooked for twice as long for extra crispiness.

Land, Sea, and Air Burger

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The craziest item on the secret menu is definitely the Land, Sea, and Air burger, which combines three patties of different animals into one huge stack. The catch, aside from how complicated it is to eat, is that you have to pay for the three different burgers individually. The final product may taste good, but is it really worth it?



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