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4 Reasons Why You May Have An Itchy Vagina

There are many reasons why you have an itchy vagina, but regardless, it’s a terrible time. Sex, tight jeans and even weather changes can influence what is happening inside your vagina, and can be a source of irritation. Soooo….if you experience periodical itchiness, don’t stress the mess.

If the itching is recurrent and you feel like something’s wrong, then you should definitely go to the doctor and have a checkup.

Here are 4 reasons why your vagina may be itching:


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Yeast infections are the most common source of itchiness, and they can be really uncomfortable. Symptoms of an infection include strange discharge, blotchy and red skin, and itchiness. These infections can be cured with over-the-counter medicines, but if it’s particularly intense, they might demand other types of medication and attention.


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Although hemorrhoids are in the butt, it can be easy to confuse the two, especially if the itchiness is super strong. These can be treated with creams and over-the-counter medications. Just, you know, make sure to find the source.

Skin Conditions

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There are tons of different skin conditions. One of them is Lichen sclerosis, where your vagina is affected and becomes very very itchy. This condition is chronic, but it can be treated by topical steroids or laser treatments.


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Menopause does a lot of things to your body, including the reduction of estrogen, which directly affects your vagina. This can lead to painful sex and irritation, making your skin more prone to infections and lesions. There are many supplements you can take to increase your levels of estrogen, and there are also different over-the-counter medications.  


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