Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Olympic Tourists Can’t Get Enough Of South Korea’s ‘Penis Park’

Literally everything is shaped like a penis. That’s the draw for Olympic tourists visiting South Korea’s infamous Haesindang Park, otherwise known as “Penis Park,” which is only an hour away from Pyeonchang.

At Penis Park, you will find penis totem poles, penis chimes, penis benches, and even a penis cannon. Fair warning: Visitors are asked not to mount the penis cannon.

One world traveler told Reuters he’d “never seen anything like this.”

Though a bulging sight to behold, the origins of why Haesinding Park was erected in the first place has been lost on tourists.

Via Reuters:

The legend behind the park has been painstakingly chiselled into a row of stone penises. It tells of a virgin who died in a storm as her boyfriend collected seaweed from a rock in a nearby cove.

According to one version of the legend, the village was unable to catch fish after she died until one fisherman urinated into the sea. The fishermen later erected a shrine and a phallus on the cliffs of the village to satisfy the virgin’s spirit.

South Korea claims one of the lowest virility rates in the world. According to Reuters, just 1.17 babies per woman were born in 2016. Government officials said that rate is expected to drop 1.04 babies per woman this year.

“Young people face a harsh reality which includes high unemployment rates and an unstable job prospective so individuals choose not to have a child to sustain their own lives,” Ryu Yang-ji, director at the Presidential Committee on Aging Society and Population Policy, said to Reuters.

Haesinding, in fact, isn’t the only penis park in the country, though it markets itself as the biggest one on the East coast.


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