Friday, September 30, 2022

5 Apps To Help You Train Your Puppy

People in their 20s and 30s love their pets, sometimes even prioritizing them over having children and long term commitments. It’s understandable; a strange economy, weird society and global warming are a few of the most striking factors that are influencing the stability of younger generations. Cats and dogs remind us of simpler things. They’re also great cuddle buddies.

According to Pet Business, 7 in 10 millennials own a pet, with more than half of them choosing to own a dog. Sixty-seven percent of the people interviewed consider their pet a family member and spend an average of $1,285 on the care of their little buddy. While none of this information is surprising, it highlights how important pets are to us and the fact that we’re invested in them and want them to lead happy lives.

Bustle compiled a list of the best apps when it comes to the training of your dog. Here are five of our favorites.


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DOGO was clearly created by a young person, appropriating the most famous pet name for all dogs online. The app allows you to participate in challenges with other users and has over 60 tricks, teaching them to you step by step. If your pet is particularly unruly, the app allows you to contact trainers in order to get the best service you can.


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This app is designed for dogs who bark crazily when they hear certain sounds, like a skateboard, a truck or anything that disturbs them. TrainAway tries to remove “negative reactions” to sounds by exposing your dog to them and giving you instructions on how to keep them calm.


Puppr is one of the best reviewed apps on this list and by many users is called the equivalent of having a dog trainer in your home, only it’s cheaper. The app includes a clicker for positive reinforcement, chat features so you can get help, and more.

PetSafe SmartDog Trainer

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This app is part of a bundle, featuring a collar that works with tones, vibrations, and small electric pulses in order to coax different reactions out of your dog. It’s very efficient when you need to train your dog from a distance, preventing you from screaming when they’re doing something they shouldn’t be doing.

Social Puppy

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This app is personalized, providing you with a 12 week program that includes all sorts of tricks and rules that will transform your dog into the decent and polite companion you want them to be. The program has a strong focus on positive reinforcement and socialization.



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