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5 Easy Ways To Prepare Your Home For The Winter

It is once again that scary time of the year when the sun becomes rarer and the weather begins to drop steadily until we’d rather stay in doors than face nature.

Depending on where you live, winter can be grueling even when indoors, so it’s important to prepare your home against the incoming snow and freezing weather. Popular Science compiled a list of things everyone should do in order to “winterize” their homes and face the freezing weather with as much comfort as possible. Check out five of the most useful tips:

Check your heating system

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It’s best to check your heating system before winter begins, that way you can make the necessary repairs with time and avoid paying extra for situations where it becomes an emergency. Check your heating unit and make sure that the filters are changed, and it’s been serviced recently.

Take advantage of the sun

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If you have a window that gets a good amount of sunlight, take advantage of those sunny days and open your drapes in order to let the sunlight in.

Check your pipes

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Complicated pipes can become a very expensive problem so it’s important to check them regularly to see if they’re insulated, especially if you’re in an area where it gets really cold. In order to avoid bursting pipes you should keep the heat on inside the house at a low setting, even when you’re outside.

Seal up all leaks

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Sealing up all of the leaks in your house will help your thermostat and heater work better. In the case of windows, you can seal them with window insulation film which will make your house warmer and is also very cheap. Draft blockers are also a simple solution for doors and windows, keeping heat inside the house and preventing cold drafts from rushing in.

Use fans

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By reversing the direction of the fan in your house, you’ll help the building stay warmer. The fan will absorb the cold air and push heated air towards you and whoever is in your house. It’s weird but it’s science.

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