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10 Beautiful Snowflakes That Make Winter Storms Tolerable

Remember when precious snowflakes were something other than an insult on internet forums? Let’s take a moment to appreciate these tiny artworks that fall from the sky.

First, let’s learn how snowflakes form, from the Why Files:

“Snow forms when water vapor in the air drops below the freezing point, and the vapor loses an amount of energy called the ‘heat of crystallization.’ A similar process forms ice, except that the water is a solid, not a vapor… Because of the geometry of bonds between water molecules, snow flakes are all based on hexagons. Still, depending on temperature and humidity, the bonding can result in any number of shapes. And since conditions can change as the flake gets bounced around in a cloud, one shape can change into another.”

All snowflakes are unique, but they still all fall into 35 categories of shapes. The shape we associate with flakes the most are “plane crystals.”

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Now that you know a little more about the icy crystals you’re catching on your tongue, check out these examples of snowflake photography. Where would you rate each of them?

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Super-macro snowflakes barely look real. 4/10 because we’re not sure if it is real at all.

Snowflakes or sugar? Hard to say. For artistic interpretation, however, it gets a 6/10.

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Shane Tan photographs his friend very rudely throws a couple handfuls of these precious bits of nature’s art into the air. 1/10.

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There’s an arctic hare in this photo, but he’s been overwhelmed by the sheer power of snowflakes. 5/10, for bunnies.

Classic amateur snowflake shot here. This could be a print on a pair of fleece pants. 5/10.

Wow, ok, these are extremely dainty snowflakes. 8/19 for fulfilling our fleece dreams.

Nikita Vasilev lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia, where all the snowflakes are this moody and introspective. 9/10, very good snowflake.


These snowflakes are so perfect, they’re almost devoid of personality. We like some personality in our flakes. 3/10.

Cool ‘flake, and nice inspirational quote. 5/10, points deducted for not being the poster’s own work.

Excellent snowflake work here. This dog is an expert at catching them on his tongue. 10/10 good dog.


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