Wednesday, October 4, 2023

5 Essentials Skills You Can Learn On Your Own

As we get older and life starts to grow more complicated, it’s tough to create the space necessary for developing skills and hobbies that we’re interested in pursuing. In between jobs, friendships, relationships and TV shows, hobbies get pushed and pushed further off our list, making us forget that there are plenty of fulfilling things that we can do with our free time.

While all sorts of skills can be learned online, we’ve compiled a list of five that can be fun, improve the quality of your life, and transform you into a much more competent person. Check them out!

Basic repairs

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You can always pay someone to fix your things but being handy and fixing something yourself is a pretty fulfilling experience. You’ll also appreciate the money you save.

There’s an abundance of YouTube videos available that teach you basic things like fixing a chair to more complex stuff like an electrical repair. While at times you may need to call a professional, you’d be surprised about the amount of stuff you can fix by simply paying some attention and doing your research.

Something artistic

Artistic hobbies are famous for a reason. They provide much needed stress relief and develop areas of your brain that are normally left untouched. Avoid the perfectionist in you and just paint, write or take photographs for the fun of it. Make a time commitment and try out courses, buy how to books and get to work. Try out different methods and practices until you find something that relaxes you and is fulfilling.


Self-defense is a necessary and empowering skill, making you feel safer and providing a good workout. There are plenty of guides and YouTube videos out there teaching the basics but you can also enroll in some lessons if you want a fuller experience.


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Cooking is one of the things we’re in touch with the most, making it surprising then that we consider it such a complex skill. One of the great things about cooking is that there’s plenty of opportunities for you to learn. Simply look up some recipes and videos online and start practicing. This skill will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and will also be valuable with friends and romantic partners. Everyone loves a good cook.

Learn how to code

Coding is daunting and scary, especially since most people think technology works like magic and is only understood by geniuses. This is not true, especially now that there are millions of apps that make the process fun and relatively simple. Do some reading about programming languages and check out Grasshopper, a free app that teaches you some of the basics. If you’re into video games, check out Code Combat and Codewars, which also teach you basics of languages like Java Script and Python.


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