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5 Things That’ll Help You Schedule Sex Without Killing Romance

Long-term relationships provide great things, such as the ability to share your life with someone and getting to know them intimately. Sadly, when you spend so much time together, it’s easy to take people for granted and to put your relationship in second place among life’s other responsibilities.

While scheduling sex sounds like something that’s deeply un-sexy, it shouldn’t be. Scheduling sex gives you the opportunity to actually have sex instead of falling asleep or watching something dumb on Netflix. Here are 5 things you can do to help you schedule sex and to have some fun while doing it:

Get Onboard With The Schedule

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Stop thinking that having a schedule and being organized is dumb. While spontaneous sex is the dream and it’ll sometimes happen, it’s sadly not the norm when you live with someone and people develop routines. Scheduling sex allows you to have sex and it’s also a way to show your partner that you care about them and that you value the time you spend together.

Have A Conversation With Your Partner

Having this conversation can be awkward, so make sure to not phrase this as “we’re not having enough sex.” Have some tact and propose that you want sex to be important, and that both of you should make the appropriate time for it. According to GQ, when having this conversation and in doubt, blame yourself. Say that there’s a ton of stuff on your plate and that you want sex with your partner to be special and something to look forward to.

Treat It Like A Date

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Make the day feel special by making a plan and treating it like a date. Take this opportunity to go out for dinner or drinks and create some anticipation. Having a date will give both of you the opportunity to get dressed up and to look forward to something.

Try Out Different Things

Have some fun and forego predictability. Try out different sex positions or buy a sex game that’ll make things easier and more relaxed. There are a million things you can do to make sex special and to make you both feel better.

Leave Room For Nonsexual Activities Too

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While the time you schedule for sex should be pretty important, it shouldn’t be black and white. If you don’t feel like having sex then try something different with your partner, like cuddling or making the time to talk about whatever’s going on with your life.


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