Tuesday, January 31, 2023

5 Interesting Things Apple Didn’t Clarify About iOS 12

During Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company warned against the excessive use of their devices while also taking the opportunity to introduce several features that we’ll be able to use once we download their latest software. IOS 12 promises to improve devices’ performance, provide you with an experience unlike any other, and finally solve the iPhone’s problematic battery issue.

While a lot of interesting factors were discussed in detail, such as Memojis and Siri’s new capabilities, others were left up to the user to discover once they interact with the device. Mashable compiled a list of these features and how different they are when you interact with them directly; Here are 5 of our favorites.

Memojis Have No Gender

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One of the most discussed features of the iOS 12 is the Memojis, which are very similar to Snapchat’s Bitmoji, but with much more flexibility. Since these avatars are part of your device’s software, you’ll be able to use them in Messages, FaceTime, and others.

Apple was smart in choosing to avoid giving gender to their Memojis. You start off with an androgynous looking Avatar, which you can customize until it looks like you. Sort of. You’ll be able to modify facial details, hair, skin color and face shape.

Group FaceTime Has Some Serious Power

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Group FaceTime is one of the features that has been more eagerly awaited and it’s pretty impressive. Group FateTime is able to link video calls between up to 32 people, beating out the numbers of Skype and Google Hangouts which max out at 25 users. Of course, when you’re video calling with 32 people, the quality of the video won’t be the best, and your phone will only display four major video bubbles on your screen. The rest of the bubbles will be seen on the bottom of the device.

Parents Have A Lot Of Control Over Their Kids’ Phone

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Thanks to Screen Time, parents will now be able to monitor how much time their kids spend on certain apps. They’ll also be able to set time limits on these apps, blocking them out and preventing them from sending out notifications.  Another interesting feature is Downtime, which suggests when it’s time to put the phone down.

Screen Time will now be tied to an account, meaning that parents will be able to restrict and block out certain apps from being used on several devices, such as your kids’ phone and iPad.

Gestures Are Coming To All iPhones


Gestures were one of the best features of the iPhone X. Now, with the iOS 12, other iPhones will have Gestures of their own, such as swiping anywhere on the Dock to get to the Home Screen and swiping down from the right side to bring up the Control Center.

Siri Is Going To Be All Over Your iPhone

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One of the biggest changes of the new iPhone software is Siri’s presence. Siri Shortcuts will now allow you to ask Siri to do anything from anywhere on your phone, such as add an item to your shopping cart. If you do this a lot, a text suggestion will pop up asking you to take some action. This is all done with the objective of developing Apple’s AI and getting more people to use Siri for complex tasks.



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