Tuesday, July 23, 2024

5 Must Listen Podcasts About Love And Sex

Podcasts about love and sex are like the 3D version of reading a love and sex column. Here are 5 of our favorites you can listen to right now.

While a sex and advice columns are not things you normally associate with podcasts and radio programs, there are tons of them and they are very beloved by many. And while it might sound crazy to listen to someone else’s sex stories, if you’re alone and in quarantine, this might make the experience even more titillating.

Quarantine or not, podcasts focused on love and relationships work really well, functioning as if you were having an intimate conversation with a friend, only they’re the ones doing all of the talking and handing down the knowledge.

Whether these people are giving out therapist-like advice, telling you their most personal and embarrassing stories, or simply traveling the world and talking about sex when people were allowed to do these kinds of things, these podcasts are a good time. They might also teach you a thing or two about sex, cultures and relationships.

Here are the 5 must listen podcasts about love and sex.

Private Parts Unknown

Hosted by Courtney Kocak & Sofiya Alexandra, Private Parts Unknown is a travel podcast that discusses the different ways in which people interact with sex and gender throughout different countries. The conversations are funny and always enlightening, explaining why countries and their people are the way the are. I think we could also use any stories that involve travel right now.

Why Don’t You Date Me? With Nicole Byer

Nicole Byer is a hilarious person, and her podcast is no different. Interviewing different guests that range from celebrities to experts, Why Don’t You Date Me? establishes intimate conversations that touch upon a little bit of everything. Queer relationships, STIs, single living, and bad hook-ups all have a spot on this podcast.

U Up?

U Up? is a podcast hosted by Jordana Abraham, co-founder of Betches, and comedian Jared Fried. They discuss about all things modern dating, from wild sexual encounters to labeling relationships. It’s a good listen for anyone’s who’s young and single or anyone’s who’s curious about Tinder culture.


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LoveLink is what you’d expect when you mention a traditional sex podcast: a program that features two hosts that are actually therapists and interview experts from all sorts of backgrounds, always with love and sex at the forefront.

Classroom Crush

Classroom Crush has a delightful idea at it’s core: one funny host who invites individuals on her show with the sole purpose of revealing their most embarrassing and life-impacting childhood crushes. Who doesn’t want to listen to that? It’s a million dollar idea.


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