Saturday, November 26, 2022

5 Of The Coolest Amazon Alexa Skills

Everyone knows who Alexa is. From being featured on commercials to having a long list of unbelievable stories, for better or worse, Alexa has revolutionized the virtual assistant industry and has become the standard by which competitors must measure up to when it comes to this type of technology.

While Alexa is used for mostly helpful reasons — such as controlling the lights in your house, buying stuff online, and setting alarms — it also has a bunch of hidden and bizarre features that are incredibly interesting and fun to play around with. Mashable compiled a long list of them.  Here are 5 of our favorites.

Alexa has vast movie knowledge

Episode 7 Yes GIF by Star Wars - Find & Share on GIPHY

Alexa has tons of knowledge, trivia, and quotes from iconic movies such as Star Wars and Fight Club. You can ask her “Alexa, play Trivia Game for Star Wars,” which will lead to a long game of Star Wars trivia for all sorts of fans, from casual ones to those who aren’t kidding around.

When it comes to Fight Club, Alexa doesn’t just know the “Don’t talk about fight club” rule. She knows all of Tyler Durden’s eight rules, proving that the people who work at Amazon are dorks.

(To activate these features you must first enable them here and here.)

Alexa can beat-box

Among the device’s large library of features, a genius from Amazon thought it would be cool if Alexa could beat box and have rap battles with her humans. Because, who wouldn’t want that? While she sometimes gets shy mid-beat-box, it’s still an awesome feature. Same with the rap battles. Just try to avoid spitting on her.

Alexa can play different games

Jimmy Fallon Game GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Find & Share on GIPHY

Alexa is great for house parties. She contains a large amount of games such as choose your own adventure, trivia, mystery, and other types of games for kids. Some of these games include simple ones like tic-tac-toe or more complex ones like “Jeopardy!”

Alexa can also act as a pair of dice if you’re playing a board game.

Alexa can read audible books and articles

A very simple yet amazing feature is that Alexa can read audio books and articles for you, allowing you to listen to something as you cook or clean up your house. Since Alexa and your phone are synced, the AI can pick up the audio book from where you left it by asking “Alexa, read my audible book.” This feature also extends to anything that you have on your Kindle.

Alexa knows a lot about video games

Aside from making several references to the “Portal” video game, Alexa also allows you to play an awesome version of voice enabled “Skyrim”, the medieval role playing game. By saying “Alexa, open ‘Skyrim,'” your device will unfold the story for you, like a digital voiced version of “Dungeons and Dragons,” which you play by using your voice.

It’s easier to understand it if you just follow these rules and watch this video:



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