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5 Quirky Dealbreakers In Dating

Relationships can be challenging, mainly because you’re dealing with two people who likely have different preferences and pet peeves, which are very personal. What may seem random and completely permissible to you may be someone’s biggest deal breaker.

Here are five strange but common dealbreakers:

The wrong astrology sign

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Nabeela Aysen explained to the New York Post that she lets astrology guide her relationships and potential romantic partners. She claims that she’ll never date an Aquarian because they’re stubborn and too different from her. “I know you can’t paint everyone with the same brush, but for whatever reason, [Aquarians’] core values are all the same — they internalize all their feelings, it’s difficult to read them and they’re noncommittal,” she said. Aysen is currently looking for a partner who’s a Leo.

Poor grammar

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This is understandable. If the person’s grammar is awful and barely legible, it’s hard to understand how they’ve managed to lead a functional life. “I refuse to talk to any guy on tinder that opens with ‘hows you’ or ‘hows yous’ which isn’t uncommon where I live. I don’t know why it bothers me so much,” said someone on a Reddit thread.

Bad taste in food

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The rise of the digital era has helped us develop our sense of taste, giving us access to delicious food photography, recipes and more. Good taste has become a priority for a lot of people, and although you might appear snobbish, it’s a valid concern if someone doesn’t share that with you. “I have had guys say, ‘I don’t eat vegetables,’ or order, like, a hamburger at a Michelin-starred restaurant or something. It becomes laborious every time we go out. Like, is he a child?” a single 38-year-old New Yorker told the New York Post.

Dumb Facebook statuses

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This is quite a popular deal breaker, where someone’s social media presence is a big turn off and is completely different from how they are in real life. Facebook is a prime spot for highlighting these traits, especially when it comes to spreading news from strange sources.

Someone addicted to screens

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Phone addiction is real, and most of us suffer from it to some degree. There are people who take it very far, unable to check their phones on dates and conversations. These people are distracting, rude, and anxiety-inducing. Nick Grosche explains to the Post that whenever a date starts taking pictures of the food they just ordered, he’ll make an excuse  to go home.


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