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5 Tips To Help Make You A Better Photographer

Photography is a skill that’s on the rise. With the introduction of smartphones that have great cameras, more and more people are falling in love with the medium and learning about it.

Apps like Instagram and Snapseed are also helping us play around with our images so we can achieve really cool results, but there’s always more you can learn, especially when it comes to the basics of composition and getting to know the tool you’re using.

We looked around online for some helpful tips for amateur photographers. Check out some of the most useful ones:

Shoot towards the sun


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A strong back light can lead to underexposed photos, where all you see are dark subjects with barely noticeable features. When done right, a strong back light can create striking images, especially when you play around with the exposure levels of your camera. “Bump up your exposure and keep experimenting until you strike an artful balance between your subject and the background,” recommends photographer Tyler Stableford.

Get to know your camera

Most smartphones nowadays allow you to manipulate your camera settings, modes, exposure and more, so it’s important to get to know these features if you’re interested in taking better pictures. If you own a DSLR or some other camera, play around with the features and settings, since they can improve your photos depending on the subject you are photographing.

Get to know your subject


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According to, portraits are all about knowing your subject and breaking down the barrier that naturally occurs when you point a camera at someone. “As a photographer, showing vulnerability opens yourself to being observed as a human, and in that moment, you are recognized as something other than a photographer, which is pivotal to helping somebody relax,” explains National Geographic photographer Cory Richards.

Keep things simple

As an amateur photographer it’s easier to start off slow than to stuff your images with a bunch of objects and action. Focus on basic images that are easy to follow. The less objects in your photo, the easier it is to create a beautiful and memorable composition.

Show off depth in your photos

Landscape photography is all about depth, which attracts the viewer’s eye and makes your photographs interesting. Leading lines can really help when it comes to depth composition. These can be fences and road tracks and guide the eye of the viewer through the length of your entire photo.



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