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5 True Crime Podcasts Perfect For Halloween

True crime podcasts abound and they’re super spooky, which make them the perfect companions for this year’s weird Halloween.

For those who love to celebrate Halloween, this year will be a little different. While some will still take the opportunity to get dressed up and have a few drinks, others might choose to take it easy and find creative ways of getting spooky and have a good time.

Podcasts are always an answer and now that there’s less stuff to do, it’s good to remember how informative and entertaining they can be!

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One of the mediums that translates best to an audio format is scary stories. Unlike news and in depth explorations of other kinds of content, you don’t need to be an expert on horror to enjoy some auditory spookiness. One of the scariest and most prolific type of podcasts out there are those based in true crime stories. We don’t know why we love them so much, but we do.

Here are 5 true crime podcasts you can check out this Halloween:

The Orange Tree

This limited series podcast covers the murder of 21 year old Jennifer Cave, which took place in 2005. Conducted by two students of the University of Texas, the podcast investigates the disappearance and murder of Cave, who’s body was found at a condo complex near the university called The Orange Tree.


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Morbidology is a weekly podcast that covers all kinds of crimes, from child murders to cults. Known for its exhaustive research, the podcast is hosted by Emily G. Thompson and features 911 calls, interviews and trial testimonies.


Obscura, hosted by Justin S. Drown, takes a narrative approach to real life crimes, covering murders, missing person reports, mysteries and more. Although they go in deep with gory details, the content is always respectful of the victims and remains objective throughout.


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This podcast is a bit different than the other entries on this list. Hosted by friends and comedians Christie Wallace and Heather McKinney, the podcast focuses on a different crime, cult or mystery each week, providing funny insights while also providing listeners with a good amount of research.

Dr. Death

Hosted by Laura Beil, Dr. Death is a podcast that explores the life and murders of Christopher Dunstch, a Dallas neurosurgeon responsible for killing and maiming 33 patients. The podcast is disturbing and provides a look into a healthcare system that fails those who need it most. The podcast is currently being adapted into a TV series meant to air on Peacock.


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