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5 Political Podcasts That Make The News Enjoyable

Tired of all the news? How about some more? These podcasts make the current political landscape almost bearable.

It might have slipped your mind, but there’s a presidential election less than a month away. The stakes are very high, causing every news outlet to try to cover every possible angle until we’re drowning in news. Why would you want even more news recommendations? But here we are.

Podcasts have a way of simultaneously presenting information while extracting expert analysis. While they tend to be time consuming, they’re an efficient way of disguising important stuff with entertainment.

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Listening to the right podcast can eliminate hours of scrolling for news and trying to catch the most important highlights provided by newspapers and political channels. It’s also an easy way to prevent doomscrolling. They also provide you with smart opinions and commentary, which you can then relay to friends and family and show off a bit.

Here are 5 politics podcasts you should be on the lookout for:

The Daily

“The Daily” is the news podcast of the New York Times. Hosted by political journalist Michael Barbaro, the podcast is a good source of information, providing you with a batch of news filtered through a political lens. It’s not exactly fun, but it gives you all the stuff you need to know.

NPR Politics

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“NPR Politics” airs every weekday, providing you with a snapshot of all the news of the day. The show is hosted by political reporters, who provide some of the best commentary in the industry. NPR is known for their audio content, so it’s difficult to find a better source of information.

Slow Burn

“Slow Burn” is Slate‘s political podcast. It’s one of the most unconventional podcasts on this list, framing each season with a historical event that reflects the times we’re living in. Slow Burn is an effective and fun way of learning U.S. history while also seeing how patterns tend to repeat themselves in politics.

In The Thick

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“In The Thick” is a special show, one that tries to go against the norm of U.S. politics, providing the opinions and voices of people of color. Hosts Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela invite different journalists and academics in order to provide honest conversations on politics that don’t shy away from race and identity.

Left, Right & Center

“Left, Right & Center” might be the most important podcast on this list, providing you with political views from the left, right and center (it’s not just a clever name!). The podcast is comprised of debate among hosts with different political tendencies, which ultimately become an educational experience for the listener, especially for those who don’t tend to interact with people of different ideologies. So, for the majority of people.


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