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5 TV Reboots That You’ll Want To Binge Watch In 2017

Recently, TV has proven that there really is no end to some stories. In 2016 we saw many revivals with varying degrees of success, like “Gilmore Girls,” which had people flipping out, and “Fuller House,” which almost everyone hated.

It’s easy to wonder why Hollywood insists on bringing back shows that have been dead for really long time – seriously, like decades – but the truth is, people are still anxiously expecting them with a mixture of wonder and dread, hoping that their childhood memories aren’t ruined and also curious about the possibilities of the continuation of the story.  

Here, we bring you the weirdest and latest reboots that will soon grace your TV screen.

“24: Legacy”

24 was HUGE when it came out back in 2001, spanning over 8 seasons, becoming the longest running cop show on the US, and putting Keifer Sutherland in the world’s radar. The show was extremely creative in terms of storytelling, keeping us all at the edge of our seats due to the ticking clock that hovered on the edge of the screen, indicating that what we were watching was happening in real time.

The trailer for 24: Legacy tells us that the new show will look a lot like the old 24, mirroring the use of split screens and the focus on terrorism and politics.

Will Keifer Sutherland make a cameo as a weathered Jack Bauer? Who the hell knows.


“The Notebook”

This is a weird one. The CW is currently developing a TV adaptation of the beloved Nicholas Sparks novel. The book was the basis for one of the largest movie phenomenons the world has ever seen, launching the career of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, and introducing us to their infamous love affair but, we digress.


The CW stated that the series will pick up just after the movie’s conclusion, following the lives of Noah and Allie as they build on their relationship during the aftermath of WWII in 1940’s North Carolina.

“Blue Crush”

For those of you who don’t know, Blue Crush was released in 2002, and focused on the life of three surfer girls in Hawaii. The movie became a huge hit, making a star out of Kate Bosworth, and introducing many girls to the idea of becoming surfers and finding hot surfer boyfriends. 


The show is currently being developed by NBC and there’s not a lot of information out there, so we leave you with the movie’s trailer, with all of its soapy dialogue and 2002 glory.  

“Dirty Dancing”


You don’t need to have seen Dirty Dancing to be familiar with this transcendent line.

The 1987 movie was an unexpected hit, launching Patrick Swayze’s career and immortalizing “Time of My Life”. It also spanned a latinized remake and, currently, a three hour TV event developed by ABC. The new adaptation will star Abigail Breslin, Debra Messing, Nicole Scherzinger and newcomer Colt Prattes.

We leave you with the movie’s most famous dance scene. We’re pretty sure you already know which one it is.

“Will & Grace”

Spanning eight seasons, Will & Grace was incredibly progressive when it first came out (ha), introducing the first gay character to be featured on the title of a network show. It became one of NBC’s most acclaimed series and still is credited with helping and improving the public’s perspective on the LGBT community.

NBC has confirmed the continuation of the show with a 10-episode series that will air during the 2017/18 season.

Let the binging commence!



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