Thursday, April 9, 2020
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Meta! Internet GIFs Are Now Becoming Printed Flipbooks

Regardless of your demographic or generation you belong to, there’s little denying that GIFs have become an undeniable part of everyday culture. They serve as reference points to jokes and emotions and are just plain funny. For a more print generation, they also remind one of digital flipbooks, able to replay a moment again and again at your choosing.

But if flipbooks helped inspire GIFs then why can’t GIFs help inspire flip books? One programmer who goes by StupotMcDoodlepip answered that question, developing an app that coverts a GIF to numerous single image essentials.

With a quality printer, some programming knowledge (the program was written in C# and utilizes ImageMagick for image processing), and a free afternoon, you can transform your favorite GIF into a flipbook.

StupotMcDoodlepip made the program available on GitHub and is calling it “Print-A-Gif.” However, as the creator warns, “This software probably harbors a few sins. I am not a professional programmer. There will certainly be things that can be optimized /factorized. I threw it together in an evening and it serves its purpose for me.”

By the way, in the most internet Inception move possible, ___ also uploaded a video of a GIF flipbook of him making the previous GIF flipbook. Cue the Christopher Nolan BWWWWWONG music.


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