Friday, August 19, 2022

5 Weird Amazon Products That Somehow Have 5-Star Reviews

Amazon is the internet land where all things can be found, no matter their function. You can find a can of cat food or a rare stamp that’s been discontinued. If you want it, and willing to pay a couple of hundred bucks for it, you’ll find it on Amazon.

One of the things that Amazon prides themselves in is their star-rating system, which allows customers to give a rating to their purchases. Amazon has made a store out of this idea, selling only items with “4-stars or more” and resulting in a store that’s equal parts cash-grab and curiosity.

Elite Daily compiled a list of the weirdest items on Amazon that have over 3,000 five star reviews. This means that more than 3,000 people bought these items, logged into their Amazon accounts and clicked on the 5-star icon. For some reason people really liked these things. Check out 5 of our favorites:

Himalayan salt lamp


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Himalayan salts are very famous but who would’ve thought their influence extended over to house furnishing and decorations? Himalayan salt lamps are big sellers on Amazon, with 4-star reviews and over 11,000 customer reviews. Supposedly these lamps are very relaxing and cute, so I guess it’s makes sense that some people are into them.

A travel mug handle

Instead of buying a mug that has an actual handle, some people prefer to buy a handle that they can attach to their different mugs. That sounds practical. The mug handle comes in 18 different colors and is available in three sizes. It’s worth 9 bucks so it’s not even a bargain. Although I can’t see how this could ever be a practical purchase, 3,000 plus people disagree.

This back massager that looks like a hook


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Back pain is a big problem in America and this big massager appears to be the best when it comes to working out back kinks of a lot of Amazon customers. With 4,700 customer reviews and a solid 4-and-a-half star rating, customers agree that if you’re buying a back massager this is your best bet, no matter how dangerous and clunky it looks.

A detangling hair brush

Even though this detangling hairbrush looks like an accessory that Barbie would love to own, the item is Amazon #1 hairbrush bestseller. It’s worth $10 and it has over 5,000 reviews. “She saw the bright pink color and immediately started BRUSHING HER OWN HAIR. PEOPLE. SHE IS A YEAR AND A HALF OLD,” says an emphatic reviewer. Crave’s hairbrushes are really beloved, okay?

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay


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This healing clay has over 18,000 reviews and it has 4-and-a-half star review on Amazon. It calls itself the “world’s most powerful facial,” cleansing your pores and just doing a generally amazing job of keeping your skin healthy. Although it sounds like a good investment costing only 8 dollars, a bargain for facial products, it’s strange that a product that comes from no recognizable brand and that has a somewhat tacky label has gathered this much acclaim. Makes you think.


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