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5 Wellness Trends To Ditch In 2020

2019 has been a year filled with wellness trends. Here are 5 we should tone down or get rid in the coming year.

Wellness trends tend to be as varied and ridiculous as anything you can think of. From “penis facials” to “cow cuddling,” you can never be too surprised when listening in to the latest wellness trend that everyone is trying out.

These trends tend to permeate culture for a brief period of time, only to be forgotten after the shine of the new has worn off and the wellness benefits are proven to be much less amazing than when they were first introduced.

The Huffington Post compiled a list of all the health and wellness fads of 2019. Here are 5 we think should be dropped or at least toned down a bit:

IV drips

As an extreme cure for hangovers, different establishments have been selling intravenous hydration and vitamin drips. While this is an effective way of hydrating people, used in hospitals with professionals, this is the first time where the service is being offered in shops that may not have the necessary licenses.

5 Wellness Trends To Leave Behind In 2019
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Extreme fasting

Intermittent fasting has had a big year, with more people joining in than ever. As long as people don’t get too crazy with it, it’s a practice that can reduce inflammation, bloating and high cholesterol. But, as is the case with everything, once you take intermittent fasting things to the extreme you create a new set of problems, including malnutrition, breaking fasts with high caloric meals, and even messing with women’s menstruation.

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americans are finally eating healthier
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Sketchy vapes

The rise of vaping devices was unprecedented in 2019. And aside from the fact that a recent study showed vaping damages lungs, this year introduced a serious and deadly vaping illness — a number of which were linked to the cannabis black market. There are also vape cartridges on the market that do not contain pure cannabis. These products are cut with substances other than cannabis such as Vitamin E, propylene glycol (PG), PEG 400, vegetable glycerin (VG), and medium chain triglycerides (MCT), as well as using cannabis which is grown using pesticides.

4 tips to avoid fake vape cartridges
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Adding CBD to everything

CBD is a medicinal compound with dozens of benefits. Still, it’s no miracle drug, as it has been painted by hundreds of sketchy companies that are just hoping to cash in. CBD still needs more research and scientific support, which is why adding it to seemingly everything these days is overkill. To we really need it in our makeup?

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Does CBD Cause Liver Damage?
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Wellness apps

While wellness apps are helpful for monitoring your workouts, logging meals and tracking sleep, a large percentage of them are not accurate. Also, at what point does tracking every little thing you do create mental fatigue?

threesome apps are real but do they work
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The main reasons why these apps have become a problem is the fact that some people think they don’t have to visit the doctor in person. As New York based OB-GYN Kecia Gaither told HuffPo, “Apps have their place along a health continuum, but cannot replace a health provider seeing you face to face, obtaining a medical history from you, examining you, and performing specific diagnostic testing to evaluate, diagnose and treat whatever ails you.”



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