Friday, December 13, 2019
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6 Halloween Dogs: Because Everything’s Going To Be Okay

There’s nothing better than candy and puppies, and Halloween gives you the opportunity to enjoy both, allowing you to trick or treat with your strawberry costumed dog without fear of embarrassment. Costumes for dogs can be just as expensive as humans’, but they’re always better, because no matter what they’re wearing it’s never embarrassing or lame. It’s always awesome.

These six dogs (and their owners) deserve all the praise in the world for their genius do it yourself costumes, which required a lot of creativity, handiness, and premeditation. They’re perfect for viewing at any moment and for getting the necessary Halloween inspiration. Check them out:

Starbucks Pup

Minions Pup

The Best Version Of The President Of The U.S.A

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Harry Potter Students


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A Skeleton

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