Saturday, April 13, 2024

Chinese Reporter Rolls Her Eyes On Live TV And A Meme Is Born

Liang Xiangyi had a moment of weakness in the middle of a televised event and it’s been immortalized on the Internet by way of memes, fanart, videos, and more. China is not happy about this at all.

During the National People’s Congress event that took place earlier this week, Liang, a reporter from a Shanghai-based business channel, can’t help but roll her eyes at the question that the reporter next to her asks.

According to The Verge, Zhang, the reporter next to Liang, introduces herself and directs a long and wordy question at a state council regulator. Her question, which was already long enough, is repeated twice and is filled with flattery, which seems to trigger Liang, who looks the reporter up and down, rolls her eyes, and looks away dramatically. Her face journey is absolutely epic.

When asked, Liang claimed that she rolled her eyes because the person next to her was being an idiot. We love her.

China is going through a bit of a rough patch lately, with some locals growing frustrated over the fact that President Xi Jinping’s term has been extended indefinitely. Anything that could be perceived as anti-government is being censored, including Liang’s facial expressions. Her name has been blocked on Internet searches and all videos of the incident have also been censored.

Still, the censoring hasn’t stopped the Internet from creating fanart, tribute videos, memes and gifs featuring Liang’s expressions, because they’re awesome and glimpses of humanity are always welcome, especially when they’re natural and not being forced down anyone’s throats.


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