News Anchor Wings It When Bird Sits On Her Head Mid-Show

Wait, what?

News Anchor Wings It When Bird Sits On Her Head Mid-Show
Photo by Vincent van Zalinge via Unsplash

Nichelle Medina, co-host of the morning news of San Diego Zoo Station KFMB, was interrupted mid-news when a bird decided it was the appropriate time to barge in and sit on her head.

The bird in question, a 10-year-old pink ibis called Sophie, flew in the minute the anchors started to tease the upcoming segment discussing the San Diego Zoo. The other host of the show commented on the bird’s impeccable timing, and proceeded to freak out as the bird looked around the set, flapped his feathers and tried to peck him.

For her part, Medina kept it cool and was very relaxed. She didn’t seem to mind the bird, claiming that it gave her a much needed head massage. According to The Huffington Post, the video has gone viral.

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