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There’s A Reason Why One Armpit Smells Worse Than The Other

According to the Internet – which knows everything – it’s very common for one armpit to be more smelly than the other one. Your right armpit, to be specific.

Armpits are the bane of many people’s lives: they’re the only body part that forces you to go the extra mile and purchase deodorant for no other reason than the fact that that’s just the way it is.  The biological truth is that armpits are a place where a lot of sweat and bacteria gathers, the combination resulting in bad smell. Bacteria loves armpits, being a safe place for them since it’s warm, protective, and moist.

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Now, why does the right armpit smell more than the left one for most people? Simply put, because there are more right-handed people than left handed, which means that the arm that’s most used is the one that produces more sweat, leading to stinkiness when coupled with bacteria. Boom. 

To prevent this from happening, you could pay more attention to your smelly armpit, washing both thoroughly, shaving, and using medicated deodorant (if you’re situation really is that dire). There you go, you have no excuse to smell bad ever again. 


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